20 years of photographing Cambodia


20 years of photographing everything Cambodia from the people, the cities, the countryside to the temples. First time I arrive in Phnom Penh, the capital, was in March 2000 during a 3-months trip to SE-Asia. The plan was to stay only a week because I didn’t know the situation back then. I stayed more than 3 weeks that year and came back almost every year after that until my permanent move in 2007.

Here’s just a glimpse of what I have been doing (photographing) all these years in different parts of the country…


Images from Cambodia Photography Tours and Workshops
A group of Chinese tourists visiting Angkor Wat in the rain
siem reap, november 2009
The older generation takes care of their grandchildren while the kids’ parents go to work
siem reap, october 2014
Watching their competitors during the boat races on the Siem Reap River at the Water Festival
siem reap, november 2009
The during the Khmer Rouge period abandoned Independence Hotel Sihanoukville years before renovation
sihanoukville, march 2002
Playing games with a plastic gun at the slums just outside Siem Reap
siem reap, october 2014
Three pigs on a motorbike heading for the slaughterhouse in the late afternoon
siem reap, december 2009
Young monks posing in front of their pagoda on top of Phnom Krom, south of Siem Reap
siem reap, march 2000
A mother and her daughter at the wall of Preahyouvong Pagoda Phnom Penh
phnom penh, december 2015
Two Khmer soldiers on top of Preah Vihear temple while in a clash with the Thai soldiers on the other side of the mountain range
preah vihear province, august 2009
The photographer’s daughters in front of the notorious Bokor Hill Casino. Abandoned at that time but renovated recently
kampot, march 2016
A young mother breastfeeding her baby while on a job cleaning Preah Khan temple side
siem reap, june 2014
The Siem Reap Garbage Dump. Families who live at the garbage dump side close to Siem Reap are waiting for the garbage truck to arrive
siem reap, october 2012
A telephone companies employee finding the right cable to connect while standing on a ladder about 6 meters above ground
siem reap, june 2011
A habitant of the infamous White Building in Phnom Penh standing in the door opening of his room a couple of years before the building has been demolished to make place for a casino
phnom penh, april 2014
Young Muslim students in their classroom north of Phnom Penh. There’s a 5% Muslim population in Cambodia
phnom penh, january 2009
Saveth (24) is looking out over his parent's rice fields just after harvest
siem reap, april 2012
Bou Meng, one of the survivors of the secret Khmer Rouge Prison S-21, in front of the exit gate of Tuol Sleng
phnom penh, february 2013
Every Friday afternoon a group of policemen on their motorcycles enter the gas station in Siem Reap to fill up their tanks
siem reap, december 2009
A young hill tribe mother smoking a pipe in Banlung, Ratanakiri Province
ratanakiri province, june 2006
Remains of a victim from the Khmer Rouge period found in a desolate corner of Choeung Ek killing fields after the rain
choeung ek, april 2005
A girl joking at one of the many girl bars in Phnom Penh
phnom penh, august 2008
Planting rice by hand in Siem Reap province
siem reap province, august 2013
Portrait of a monk with proteus syndrome (Elephant Man’s disease) on top of Sampeau Mountain close to Battambang
battambang province, december 2015
A boy posing in front of a grave at the Vietnamese graveyard in Phnom Penh where families live illegally
phnom penh, april 2014
A father is looking out of the window of the train that would take him and his daughter to Battambang but stopped halfway before the train went back to Phnom Penh loaded with timber. The track has been restored recently and trains will go all the way to the Thai border nowadays
kompong chhnang, august 2008

the Angkor temples in color...


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