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COLOR 2016-2018
(c) ericdevries

Part of a new collection of 62 mostly unpublished color photographs taken during tours and street photography workshops in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Hanoi and personal trips to Paris, Amsterdam, Kyoto and Tokyo between 2016 and 2018. A book with this collection of 62 plates will be released late 2023.





Chef, Hong Kong, Jan 2018

On the bus, Paris, May 2018

For every cup, Amsterdam, May 2018




Porter, Bangkok, Dec 2018

MMM, Hong Kong, Oct 2016


Umbrella (2), Hong Kong, Oct 2016

Join us, Hong Kong, Dec 2017

Cafe de Flore, Paris, May 2018

Blue, Kyoto, Oct 2018

Dog on motorbike, Hanoi, Dec 2018


Cigarette, Tokyo, Oct 2018

Leaf Hat, Hanoi, Dec 2018


Dress, Hanoi, Dec 2018


Portfolio / collections and selected works:

The Hong Kong Monochromes

Color 2016-2018

Interruption Of Common Structures / Topographics

On The Road / USA ’93

Waterscapes and Wetlands

The Cold Light Of Day



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