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On The Road
Showing a small collection of photographs which were never used in 25 years.
Re-scanned and re-selected the negatives I’ve been taken during several roadtrips in the USA between 1993 and 1997.

June 1993-
"I arrived in Los Angeles and picked up my rental car at Alamo, a 4-doors white Pontiac, four years after I decided to quit the job at the photo studio I was working for. Bored with boring commercial studio work. Lost my passion for photography at that time.
I drove off at the Alamo station towards east that early morning in June. Before hitting the 405 and 105 I was pulled over by a woman at the traffic lights. She asked for some money when I rolled down the car window. I gave her a 10 dollar note as I was completely surprised by her action. I still remember her facial hair, blond. The lights went green and I drove off to the intersection. Could have been a hooker, I thought while turning on the radio.
The next 12 days I was driving through California, Arizona and Nevada, shooting with my 35mm Canon. Shooting the American Landscapes, the emptiness, the freedom… something completely different than the studio works I’ve been doing 4 years before..."




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