Photography Tours and Workshops in Cambodia (the temples of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh). Photo Tours for all levels from the beginner, to the serious amateur, professional photographers and enthusiasts who want to improve their photography skills..

Our photography tours / workshops are an educational experience to help you improve your photography skills. We offer therefore one-on-one time, personal attention and suggestions to improve your skills. We teach you about camera settings (mode, aperture, shutterspeed, ISO), available light, composition, catching the moment. We also shoot during our workshops to show you our examples as part of the training.



Cambodia Photography Tours 2019/20 program


Half Day Photo Tour at the Temples of Angkor

Half day photography tour with pro-photographer Eric d Vries showing some Angkor Park Highlights (READ MORE...)


Full day Angkor Photo Tour

Highly recommended instructed photography tour inside Angkor Park from sunrise to sunset (READ MORE...)


A Day In The Countryside / Photo Tour

High quality instructed photography tour
in the countryside near Siem Reap Cambodia


2-day Ultimate Siem Reap Photo Tour

Photography tour / workshop in and around Siem Reap including the temples, the streets and the countryside (READ MORE...)


1-day Koh Ker & Beng Melea Photo Tour

Photography tour to the remote (Pre-Angkor) temples of Koh Ker and Beng Melea (READ MORE...)


1-day Street Photography Phnom Penh

“Learn how to photograph the moment while exploring the streets of Phnom Penh.” (READ MORE...)


6-day Around Cambodia Photo Tour

A 6-days photography tour, led by Siem Reap-based photographer Eric d Vries, is an unique opportunity to explore Cambodia (READ MORE...)


Photography workshops at the temples of Angkor,
in Siem Reap, in Phnom Penh

We believe that a photography workshop should be about learning, creativity, exploring and becoming part of the landscape and surroundings you are photographing. We are dedicated to providing professional, hands-on training and instruction in the field.

Our instructor ratio helps you archieve the best results possible. Our mission is to create workshop experiences that will keep you coming back for more. Whether you are an advanced photographer, or just started, our workshops and photo tours are designed to help you archieve your goals. These photo tours and workshops are more than bringing back incredible images of Cambodia, they are about bringing home a memorable adventure. Our high quality private photography workshops are for every photographer from beginner to advanced.

We are proud to offer highly recommended photo workshops in Cambodia today. Eric d Vries is a professional photographer and teacher, and is dedicated to your learning, fun and adventure. We want you to get the most out of your photo tour and workshop, so we do everything we can to ensure the best results and your success. Come see why so many friends come back to our photo tours and workshops, again and again…

Images from Cambodia Photography Tours and Workshops


"Come and see why so many friends come
back to our photo tours and workshops, again and again…"


Difference Maker

The difference for me and my wife between a good trip to SE Asia and a GREAT trip is Eric D Vries. We have now attended photo tours with him to Siem Reap, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Hanoi. As a teacher myself, I can say that some can teach, and others while good at their area of expertise, simply can't . Eric can teach. He serves as our photography mentor, part-time tour guide, and upbeat attitude coach. We have now spent about a dozen days with Eric, and every one has been a blast. On top of his being a superb photographer and mentor, I find his fees very fair. My favorite vacation days are consistently the ones I spend with Eric.

Highly Recommended!

We did a full day photography tour and workshop with Eric at Angkor Wat, including sunrise at Angkor, the colours of Preah Khan, the faces of The Bayon, the famous tree roots of Ta Prohm, and details of the Leper King Terrace. Eric is a genius and a gentleman. What he doesn't know about photography and the temples is not worth knowing! I could have spent a month with him and not have been bored for a single second! The knowledge we've gained from this experience is a lifetime gift. Eric keeps things simple - there are key camera settings that require tweaking - but after a bit of practice, it just becomes second-nature. He has a high focus on quality over quantity, and taught us how to get the right shot using our camera instead of wasting hours editing after the fact. He encourages creativity, challenges you to think about composition, and provides constructive feedback to help you improve. His local knowledge is second-to-none. You could spend a week roaming around Angkor Wat and not discover the hidden places that Eric took us to! We learned key skills in different temples, and in the afternoon, Eric took us to a temple off the beaten track and tasked us with capturing three images. We were literally the only people there and had free reign - no tourists getting in the way and ruining our shots! This was one of the best days we've ever had whilst travelling and highly recommend Eric to all...


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