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(all stood) S T I L L / work in progress

Collection of photographs selected from the archive and new ones created during the 2020 pandemic. With the travel restrictions that come with it the images were taken in close area of my house uncovering the beauty of things. My daily life, family members and some people from the neighborhood were captured to give the series a bit more human aspect to the mostly still life photographs. "You walk, you sleep and you stand still..." I also combined those daily life images with some still life of abandoned sceneries and buildings to give it a more divers ‘work in progress’ for the upcoming year. This long term project will see a handful of self published (hand made) limited edition books with monochrome photographs and several high quality color archive prints in 2021.

“It’s friday late afternoon as the sunlight falls. Nice light appears on the wall of my house and inside the kitchen. The dishes are waiting. My lovely wife works while I do more housekeeping during this crazy pandemic. I grab one of the cameras and go outside. No need for a mask here. I take some shots of the laundry at the backside of the house and leave the garden for a walk down the road. Lovely light. People are surprised I take photos of their fences, their walls, their ‘nothing’… I smile back. The Leica stops at 37 just before kids ask me to take their picture. Gladly. I return home thinking of possible images for the long term series of daily life. No streets or posed portraits. I’ve been there… I look into the kitchen, the sunlight’s gone and leaving the dishes shadowless… 10 minutes before my wife comes home…”



A crack in the wall
by JP Goss 2014

A crack up the wall
And the house is broken
A cloud in the sky
And the world is grey
And my faults are many
Even if they’re bridged
Even if they’re far gone
Cracks don’t go away…

first part of an interesting poem by JP Goss, author and poet from Pa. USA

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